Bonus Game Boards

As a thank you for purchasing our ebook ‘Starting a School Board Games Club: How to Win at Having Fun and Learning Through Play’ here are two game boards you can download for free. The rules are contained in the ebook. Just provide your own playing counters. Print the board on the thickest paper you can fit in your printer. My small home printer can take 160gsm paper, which feels more like card. Alternatively, print on paper and attach to a piece of card.

The games are called Horseshoe and Horseshoe Plus. They are great for introducing children to abstract strategy games as they encourage them to think one or two moves ahead.

Horseshoe Game Board

Horseshoe Plus Game Board

Have you played Horseshoe and worked out the position you must achieve in order to block the other player? If so, well done! If not, look at this Analysis.