I have published my ebook.

It is called ‘Starting a School Boards Games Club: How to Win at Having Fun and Learning Through Play’.  It is based on my experience of running an after school board games club in my daughter’s primary school from 2017 to 2018. I really enjoyed running this club and want to share my learning as widely as possible. There are so many benefits for children in playing board games: they get to improve their skills in abstract thinking, problem solving, visual perception, memory and concentration, and then there are lots of social benefits.


I have published the book on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

As a bonus I have included two game boards as a free download.

If you need to download the free Kindle app to read the book, click here.

It’s a bit scary to self publish a book and stick my head above the parapet like this, so a big thanks for your support. If you enjoyed the book please write a review. I know how busy everyone is, so a few sentences would be fine.