Not Board At Home

I did fully intend to start the project below. But due to the speed at which things are changing due to Coronavirus I have decided to spend less time online. It is helping to keep me ‘sane’ to slow my life down and focus on family life. I hope you find lots of other fun things to do to fill the hours!



When the schools close due to Coronavirus (assuming they do) we will all be home educators for a while. If you are thinking about how you will fill the time then please join us in this venture. The hashtag is #notboardathome

You will not be bored at home with your child! This is an opportunity to have fun playing games and role modelling how to cope in a time of uncertainty.

Every morning I will post on my blog what game we are playing today. I will include instructions. Then play the game with your child in the knowledge that others are doing the same. This will hopefully help with any feelings of isolation. Feel free to share photos, thoughts and tips on social media.

We won’t just play board games. I will include dice, card, domino and memory games. There will also be puzzles to solve.

It is free to join in. You just need a few basic bits of equipment. Hopefully you will have some already. Here is what you will need:

  • The board from a Chess or Draughts set. If you need to buy, choose the Draughts set.
  • Playing counters. You can take some from games you already own. You can re-purpose other things like buttons, beads, shells or pieces of Lego. You could even make your own.
  • Some dice. 20 would be ideal. Again, you can use ones you already own.
  • A pack of playing cards.
  • A set of dominoes (the standard double six set).

Now is the time to get prepared while you can still get to the shops. Check out charity shops, pound shops and bargain shops. We don’t want people to feel they have to spend a lot of money to join this venture. You really don’t.

Please spread the word. The more people who join in the better. Bookmark this page.

The hashtag is #notboardathome

I am on Twitter and FB.

My new ebook is on Amazon. It is called ‘Starting a School Board Games Club: How to Win at Having Fun and Learning Through Play’. Only £2.79! The same as a takeaway coffee (can you still buy those?).