Newport, 21 September 2018

Today we had our first paying customers, at our Board Games Club for Adults in Newport.

We played Picaria, a 3 in a row game on a board devised by Native American Indians. We then developed the 3 in a row theme by playing 3D Noughts and Crosses, with each player using all their pieces to make as many 3 in a rows as they could.

Then we switched to playing Solitaire in pairs, in a collaborative way. One team got down to only 4 marbles; another team got down to 5 marbles. Anna did work out the winning strategy last year but has forgotten it!

The final game was Acquisitions, one of many games you can play on a chessboard. Capturing counters is the same as in Draughts, but players can reverse direction and go around corners, making multiple captures if possible. The player with the most counters at the end is the winner.

Looking forward to Week 2 on 28 September 2018.

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