Newport, 29 March 2019

We played Chinese Chequers this week at our Adults Board Games Club, at the request of one of our members. We played as a three, with everyone trying to get to an empty position opposite them. We used the strategies of building ladders and zigzagging. Anna won, and to give her some credit it wasn’t even close.

We played a new game for us, Color Addict (an American game, not a typo by me). On each card is the word of a colour which can be written in several different colours. You match the correct colour, or the correct word, or both, or vice versa. The game is constantly changing, and wildcards can also be used when needed (and if you have one). The winner is the first to play all their cards. I do enjoy a fast paced card game.

We ended with a couple of rounds of the ever popular Mancala.

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