Newport, 9 November 2018

This week at our Board Games Club for Adults we played a 4 in a row game you might have heard of (Connect 4) and a 5 in a row game you might not of: Pentago. On their turn each player does two things: add one marble of their colour to the board, then twist one quadrant of the board through 90º. The game board is constantly changing, and the key is to set up the board so that you twist it to make a 5 in a row on your next move, hoping the other player cannot see what you are about to do.

We also played Tri It! (Spears, 1995). A role of the die tells the player which colour line (yellow, green or blue) to move along. The aim is to get your three counters around a triangle and score the number of points shown inside the triangle. The first to 10 points wins.

Our other  game was The Knot Game (The Works). Players are dealt a set of tiles which they take turns to lay down. They must link to a rope already laid down by matching the colour. The winner is the first to lay all their tiles.

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