St Thomas of Canterbury, 9 November 2018

Our theme this week was Tetrominos. We first played Jenga: Tetris (Hasbro, 2013). Each child tried to build the highest tower with the 47 pieces. The winner reached a height of 27 layers. The children then took it in turns to build the tower, before removing a piece and placing it on top. Because the pieces are tetrominos it is harder to get them out.

We then played Block Builders (Marks and Spencer), which uses six tetromino shapes. There are two games in one box. In Block Rows, the aim is to complete rows and score points. In 4 Square, one player is red and the other blue: the aim is to make a 2 x 2 square or a 4 in a row of your colour and score points. A spinner dictates which shape the player must pick up and use.

As Block Builders includes making a 4 in a row it seemed logical to end with Connect 4. We experimented by letting the children choose whether to make a 2 x 2 square or a 4 in a row of their colour, and by using all 42 pieces. It ended in an honourable 3-3 draw.

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