Newport, 16 November 2018

There are some weeks when you feel like letting the dice do some of the work for you, and this week was one of those.

We played Bottleneck (Gazebo Games, 2006). According to Board Game Geek this game “is from Pepys of England and probably originated in the mid 1940’s”. I have a modern reproduction from 2006. Players take turns moving their counters across the board according to the number on the die. Both players have to move through the bottleneck. The first to move all their counters to the other player’s starting position is the winner. This game is a replacement game, like Chinese Chequers, Halma and Five Field Kono.


There is a picture of a giraffe on the box. I like the humour here: the board resembles a Draughts board; Draughts sounds like giraffe; a giraffe has a long neck.

We played Joggle (Green Board Game Company, 2010). This game is played on a 8 x 8 board where the winner is the first to make a 2 x 3 rectangle of their coloured marbles (black or white), and the board is indented with four colours (red, blue, green and yellow) with a dice throw determining which colour your marble is placed on, and if the die lands on a ‘joggle’ you get to choose any colour for your marble. We also played Tri It! (Spears, 1995) which we first played last week. We finished off with Pass the Pandas, because I got it for my birthday and I love these fast paced family games.

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