St Thomas of Canterbury, 14 December 2018

It was our last session of the term, so we asked the children to request their favourite games from this term. We played Mastermind, Ghost Blitz and Frog Rush. I brought in one new game: Foxy (MB, 1977). There is a 6 x 6 board, with 32 shallow holes (the corners do not have holes). There are 11 purple wooden discs, which are randomly distributed across the board. Each player has a tube which they fill with 11 wooden discs (one player has blue, the other yellow) and position on opposite corners. (I am always blue by the way, even when playing a child). Players take it in turns to move their tube in any direction, over any number of spaces, but they cannot turn direction mid-move. As the tube moves over an empty hole a disc drops down. The first player to empty their tube is the winner. A good strategy is to try and block the other player’s tube with your own tube, limiting their options on their next turn.

At the end of the session we explained to the children that in the new year we introducing a new after school club: Bletchley Juniors Codebreaking Club. We had a brief chat about the role of Bletchley Park in the Second World War. We do hope the children return for this new club, as we have enjoyed their company and we can see how much enjoyment they get from playing games and exercising their minds.


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