Newport, 21 December 2018

It was our final Adult Board Games Club before Christmas, so we played two old favourites: Dominoes and Draughts. People found it relaxing to play Block Dominoes, as it was something they could remember from their past, as opposed to the many unfamiliar games we have bombarded them with since September! In one game I emptied the entire boneyard. Good job we weren’t adding up the pips. We discussed some of the strategies, such as getting rid of doubles early and watching why people are digging in the boneyard and trying to memorise what tiles they lack.

We then had a marathon game of Draughts, interspersed with delicious stollen and mince pies brought in by one of our members as a surprise. Lots of kings were made, but we ran out of time before we could decide on the best strategy for ending the game.

We are looking forward to playing lots more game in 2019, and will welcome any new members who want to join us.

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