Family Board Games Event at Lord Louis Library, 26 January 2019

Today we held our first event at Lord Louis Library. We had a space in the children’s library for 90 minutes, set up several tables and chairs, and put out lots of games for people to try. Games from around the world included Picaria, Five Field Kono and Mancala. Games from our 1970s/80s childhood included Foxy, Stay Alive and Rubik’s Race. We also had Bridg-It, Joggle, 3D Noughts and Crosses and Spot It Jr.! Animals. We set aside two tables for the children to practice Ghost Blitz (versions 1 and 2), in preparation for the 2019 Ghost Blitz Championship. My friend could not have put it better when she said this game is fabulous for the children’s cognitive development. Read one of my previous blog posts for a full description of the game.

As we were approaching the end of the event, I decided it was time to start the 2019 Ghost Blitz Championship. Six children entered, all aged from 8 to 11. I had chosen 20 cards from Ghost Blitz 1 which were all of the type where both items are the wrong colour. This was an individual timed challenge, with each child competing against the stopwatch to be the fastest to get all 20 cards right. The winning child had an impressive time of 65 seconds. I gave prizes to all six children. The look on their faces as they received their prizes and applause was genuine and heart-warming, and made the whole event worth the effort of organisation and planning that went into it.

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet new families and show people the games that we enjoy so much. Thanks to the Friends of Lord Louis Library for their help in publicising this event.

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