St Thomas of Canterbury, 12 July 2019

This was our final week at Bletchley Juniors Codebreaking Club!

After our mammoth attempt at some frequency analysis last week we took it easier this week by playing some board and card games requiring the solving of secret clues: Mastermind and Cat Crimes. We played Ghost Blitz, as it is one child’s favourite game. We played Zeus on the Loose as it features the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses!

I think it is important to mark the endings of things, so I invited the parents to come at the end for a short ceremony. I said thanks to: Mrs Sanderson for letting us run the club; Anna for helping me to run the club every week; the parents for their support; and the children for helping to make it so much fun. I gave out certificates of achievement to all the children, along with a spy pen, a personalised pencil and a small gift of a book to suit their interests. As I am a qualified librarian I could not help but give a recommendation for a book to build on our learning about Ancient Greece: Greek Myths by Marcia Williams.

This is the last blog post about Bletchley Juniors Codebreaking Club. What an amazing journey we went on!

Certificate of Achievement

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