Introduction to topology at the Curious Minds Club (St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, 13 September 2019)

The first week of my brand new Curious Minds Club!

An explanation that maths is about more then numbers and sums: it is also about shapes and space. A demonstration of the difference between the two and three dimensions of space. An introduction to topology. An exercise with a piece of rubber (cut out of a balloon) with a circle drawn on it, stretching it into different polygons. An exercise with the upper case letters of the alphabet, categorising them by their number of holes. An explanation of the difference between a hole and an opening, using a pipe cleaner, with the objects being those classical to topology – a doughnut and a coffee mug. An exercise with a bag of objects, with the children categorising them by their number of holes, either 0, 1, 2 or >2.

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